The Light Has Come Wk 1


Week 1

Text: John 1:1–5

Topic: Preexistence, Sovereignty, Redemption, Light vs. Darkness

Big Idea of the Message: Before the creation of the world, the Father’s good plan for rescuing his children was to send Jesus to earth.

Application Point: We can be victorious over our own darkness by receiving Jesus as the Word of God for ourselves.

Discussion Questions:

• What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?

• What does this passage tell us about God’s character?

• Why do you think John’s imagery of light and dark is important?

• How does knowing God planned the first Christmas before he even created the world, before the fall of man and sin entered the world, affect you?

• How have you experienced the Light of the World, Jesus, entering into your life and bringing victory over the darkness?

• How can I pray for you?

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