The Search for Happiness - Wk 3


Week 3

Text: Genesis 3:1-7

Topic: Thankfulness

Big Idea of the Message: Unlike Adam and Eve, we must trust God’s authority in our lives—rather than looking to take his place.

Applicational Point: You’re not God, when you try to take “control” of your life, you’re really losing it.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?

  2. How did a lack of thankfulness and gratitude affect Adam and Eve?

  3. The story of the Fall isn’t a normal story of thankfulness. How does this unique perspective on thankfulness play out in your life?

  4. We all have moments of selfishness. How can we limit those moments from taking over our life?

  5. What would change in your life if you woke up every day with thankfulness on your mind?

  6. How can I pray for you?

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